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Michigan Attorney General Opinion on MCL 750.224

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Representative Mark Meadows of the 69th District has officially submitted a request for Attorney General Schuette's opinion on this matter.  Now, according to MCL 14.32 "It shall be the duty of the attorney general, when required, to give his opinion on all questions of law submitted to him by the legislature..."  Hopefully, we should find out what the Attorney General's opinion is regarding suppressors soon.  Check out the request here.

Please don't stop signing this petition though until we have officially received an Attorney General opinion.  Your signatures continue to let every elected official know that we are still here and we still want our questions answered.


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This is not a partisan Democrat/Republican or even pro-gun/anti-gun issue, it is quite simply about Michigan laws being ambiguous.  We would like the ambiguity cleaned up and to recognize and conform to BATFE authority in registering National Firearms Act restricted items as more than 37 states already do.

Automatic weapons and “silencers”: many people believe you should not be allowed to own such devices and many people believe you should.  These items are regulated federally by the National Firearms Act and needless to say that the hoops you have to jump through to get such a device are so EXTREME that no criminal would ever undertake the procedure.  Criminals will always get guns and they will NEVER do it according to the law, thus laws do NOT pertains to criminals.  We need not debate the merits of gun control here because the fact is, federally these items are, in fact… perfectly legal.



Michigan law 750.224 bans automatic weapons, suppressors, billy clubs, and a number of other things.  This same law provides an exception in section 3(c) where you may own these items if properly licensed by the federal government.


Michigan law fails to define what "licensing" means.


As far as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) is concerned all you need to do is file and get approved BATFE form 5320.4 to own any item restricted by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

Halfway There:

The Michigan Attorney General issues opinion 7183 stating that in Michigan, approval of BATFE form 5320.4 constitutes a license... for a "machine gun".  If form 5320.4 approval is a license for an automatic weapon, then why is it not a license when it is approved for other NFA regulated items?


We are asking that the Michigan Attorney General issue an official opinion regarding the other “restricted” items banned by MCL 750.224 indicating, that if an item is properly registered by the BATFE, it is considered to be licensed in the state of Michigan.  We are also calling upon the Michigan state legislature to update Michigan's law to recognize the federal authority of the BATFE and NFA registration as legal licensing in Michigan.


Please don't forget to share this.  Feel free to print flyers and hang them at any local busy (with owners permission), of course gun ranges and dealers would be ideal places.  Also, share this on any other forums you can.  You can use these shortened url's to make it easier to tell people where to go!

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