Reduce Prison Sentence for Doreen Carter-Revised

Reduce Prison Sentence for Doreen Carter-Revised

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Why this petition matters


Doreen Carter from Atlanta Georgia has been sentenced to 15 years at Pulaski State Prison for 3 counts of vehicular homicide.  In 2018, she collided with an oncoming train.  Her sister, daughter, and daughter's friend were passengers in the vehicle.  All 3 of them were killed and she was the sole survivor. 

Doreen was raised in the Perry Homes Community in Northwest Atlanta.  She is the oldest of 5 children raised by their grandmother. Her grandmother, affectionately known as "Granny", was a well respected icon in the Perry Homes and Northwest Atlanta Community.

I have known the Carter/Arnold family since the '90s.  The younger siblings all participated in activities at the community center where I coached.  The other coaches and I looked up to her grandmother and helped her as much as possible.  We considered her family, our family. But when the center and community closed we lost touch with the family.

I reconnected with Doreen when she was incarcerated in 2009.  We talked about her childhood and how she felt about being without her mother growing up.  I reminded her know that she was continuing the same cycle with her kids.  She vowed that when she was released, she would change her life and become a better person and mother to her kids.   She was released in 2011 and has had no other legal issues until the accident in 2018.

Doreen has an infectious personality and anyone that crosses her path instantly gravitates to her due to the love and affection she exudes.  Her home, heart and doors have always been open to those in need.   

Doreen is not just a mother, sister, daughter and friend.  She is the glue that holds the Carter/Arnold family together.  Since her grandmother's passing, she cared for her Uncle Zeb who now lives in a nursing facility due to her incarceration.  She had also been awarded custody of her niece prior to her prison sentence.  She provides motivation, leadership and guidance not only her kids but to her nieces and nephews as well.  Her family leadership has prevented the next generation from taking the wrong path and making the same mistakes that she made.  She would NEVER intentionally cause harm to anyone.

On that fateful day in 2018, there were 3 lives lost in the horrific accident. Her 15-year prison sentence adds another loss to a family whose suffering is unimaginable.  Due to her previous incarcerations, her attorney advised her to forego a jury trial and accept a plea deal.  The judge in the trial gave her a 25-year sentence to serve 15 years, which is essentially 5 years for each count.  No one was able to speak on her behalf at her trial. 

Looking at her on paper, does not give a true depiction of how loving and caring she is.  The people that were in the car that fateful day were those that she loved most.  Her sister (Lidonda) was her best friend.  They were inseparable.  Her daughter (Santania) who she adored and had recently graduated from high school.  The other young lady (Makenzie) was Santania’s best friend.  She was taken in by Doreen and cared for as if she were her own.

Doreen now leaves behind 5 children, the youngest is 6 months old.  This family has suffered a tremendous loss and now her prison sentence creates an even greater hardship on her family.  It is as if the matriarch of the family was also taken in the accident.  Although we couldn't speak for her during her trial, we are speaking NOW and want the WORLD to know that we LOVE her and NEED her home!  Her children need their mother home!

A Motion to Reduce/Modify Sentence was recently denied in Fulton County Georgia.  Because her actions were the cause of the accident and the loss of life, it is burden that she will bear for the remainder of her life but she had no ill will or intent on that day.  This was purely an accident.  We understand and respect the ruling of the court but respectfully request  that her case be reviewed and sentence modified.   If consideration to serve less jail time and more time on parole or probation, it would lessen the impact to the family.

We make this request on behalf of her family, friends, and Greater Metropolitan Atlanta area.  Any assistance that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


4,546 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!