#freedom2045-opposing forces fighting our USA becoming a minority majority country in 2045

#freedom2045-opposing forces fighting our USA becoming a minority majority country in 2045

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#Freedom2045: Join afrimericanone causes 

On this curious of Census day April 1st, 2020, may God protect and guide us forward during the coming months as we navigate through the global pandemic, COVID -19 (Coronavirus). May all those fighting on our behalf (first responders, medical staff, essential personnel etc) be blessed for their sacrifice. Amen. Thanks so much, we appreciate you all!

The Afrimerican Culture Initiative Inc. is a Boston based 501 c 3 nonprofit organization with the mission to ' build cultural bridges in the African diaspora through Education, Technology and Travel'.  We have chosen to advocate for people to participate in the 2020 census because we believe the progress of the African diaspora and its diverse array of cultures existence will be severely affected by our census participation as people of color. Follow this petition on our web-page afrimericanone causes

We believe now more than ever, it is important to stand up and be counted because so many things are determined through the census. The census affect you by:

  1. Ensuring public services are funded like schools, hospitals and fire departments.
  2.  Used for planning our communities, new housing and neighborhood expansions.
  3. Determining how many seats your state gets in the House of Representatives.

The 'Post -pandemic world' or 'new normal' that we are forging ahead together in, requires us to step up and grow as individuals as well as collectively as a community, which means improved civil engagement.  Our government must take care to uproot the anti - African diaspora culture of institutional racism and social injustice in ways that will promote multiculturalism not division. It will only do so if we keep our elected officials accountable.So please BE COUNTED. Get counted today at Census 2020

Why being counted is even more important for communities of color?

Being counted is so important that there are forces working today that are trying to control the undeniable fact that the changing demographics in the USA will create more progress for minority rights than any other time in American history. This very 2020 census had efforts to add questions to determine immigration status on the census as a way to discourage immigrants (especially Latino) to not be counted.

This means in around the year 2045, we should be used to drastically diverse political representation. This means that in 25 years having African diaspora surnames for president like Obama, Castro and Yang may be common place. What does this fact mean to each of the different demographics? What does that mean for you and your family?

#Freedom2045 Cultural Resources:

There are many other links to valuable African diaspora cultural resources embedded in the above links and book references.

Ironically similarly to the Coronavirus 'social distancing' strategy to avert medical facilities being overrun by COVID - 19 patients, this strategy is popularly known as 'flattening the curve' (click here for more info on COVID - 19), there is an effort to 'flatten the curve' in regards to reaching the aforementioned racial break even point in the USA population. These 'political distancing' practices aim at creating space between now and when this date will inevitably arrive, similar to the way 'social distancing is meant to stretch out the apex of the hospitalization curve in COVID - 19.

The Coronavirus analogy is necessary to convey the importance and urgency that 25 years away in the future aspect seem to negate. So what are the strategies being employed to day by those opposing forces who are treating the changing demographic issue EXTREMELY IMPORTANT & URGENT and are expending tireless resources to fighting diversity in the USA.

Make up you mind for yourself if the below listed issues do serve to 'flatten the curve' of minority demographic change  and favor a culture of minority rule in America:

  1. Building a wall - 'keeps' out Latin populations which will be the 2nd largest demographic in 2045 at 25% of the entire USA population.
  2. Gerrymandering - Oxford defines as manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to favor one party or class. In this case race is an institutional & historical reason for gerrymandering.
  3. Voter Suppression  -  laws passed to make it more difficult for certain populations to vote in elections.
  4. Mass incarceration/ criminal justice - Racially skewed institutional racism, the fact that felons are not allowed to vote and for profit incarceration promoting disproportionate amounts of people of color in prisons today all contribute to reducing the demographic power of people of color.
  5. Gun lobby - gun violence in community of color and being used by 'hateful groups or individuals'  to fuel hate crimes, racial mass shootings and other violent movements etc.

These are some of the more direct modern ways in which the racial progress curve is being flattened. Also Health related racial disparities are so many and pervasive that birth fatality rates, non-violent drug user incarceration versus drug treatment, to access universal health insurance, to historical medical experimentation on people of color are just the tip of the iceberg.

 What do we want from you?

Thanks for your support for this cause #FREEDOM2045 . Here is what we want you to do to show your support:

  1. Get counted at Census2020.gov.
  2. Sign and share this petition with you social networks using the hashtag #FREEDOM2045.
  3. Visit our www.afrimericanone.org and sign up for our mailing list - Afrimerican Vibes and stay tuned to all we are up to.
  4. Take our FREE online class 'Welcome to Afrimerica!' and join our online and offline communities.
  5. Make a tax exempt donation via PayPal to support making African diaspora multicultural education an integral part of your community.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to partying with you like its... 2045...




0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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