Hold your community accountable - Calvary ABQ

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This is the first petition of a few that will be made about mega churches in Albuquerque and New Mexico as a whole. This one is Calvary-specific. 

Mega churches in Albuquerque (Calvary specifically) have started guilting their members into attending church services in person - rather than online. Recently Calvary has started a new sermon series about it, explaining that you "cannot serve from your couch". This is nothing short of religious propaganda for profit - to get people to defy stay at home orders and covid restrictions. Everyone has the freedom of religion. Calvary can preach whatever they want, but it's clear that their practices have been violating the health order.

Churches are currently still allowed to hold services inside, with social distancing and masks. However, Calvary has started posting photos of their church services where there is no social distancing, and masks off while singing (at least). They were not enforcing covid restrictions until their staff and leaders started to get sick. Even now, it's not taken seriously at all.

Calvary continues to show a blatant disregard for safety. Not only have they allowed no masks and no social distancing, but they are hiding their covid cases from their members. On multiple occasions, Calvary's leadership and staff have tested positive for covid and not informed their congregation. Recorded cases are public information, and their most recent case was recorded on December 7th.

Calvary is a church, not a business. But they have been granted 1.36 MILLION dollars in covid bailout money. Calvary refuses unemployment benefits to their workers and recent former employees, all while opting to maintain executive salaries during a hard financial time. They are diverting money from small businesses that are actually struggling. 

We as a community have been asked to hold those around us accountable. Businesses and large gatherings alike. Mass gatherings - religious or not - are currently banned in the covid guidelines. It's clear that Calvary cares more about physical people in their seats than the general health and safety of their community. It's time to hold them accountable. This petition will be attached to a non-compliance report to the state.