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Employees with a waist size of >40 inches for men or >35 inches for women will have to pay an additional $1,000 per year in insurance premiums. This is a de facto pay cut for fat people who don't go on a diet. This is an abuse of corporate power and we will not purchase Michelin Tires until this practice ends.

Click here to learn more about the flawed nature of using waist circumference to judge a person's weight and health.

And if you think this is an unfair way to treat your employees, please sign our CVS Pharmacy petition as well.

Letter to
President of Michelin North America Pete Selleck
Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President of Personnel Wayne Culbertson
Executive Vice President Rich Kornacki
and 6 others
Managing General Partner of Michelin Group Jean-Dominique Senard
Vice President of Corporate Affairs Michael Ian Fanning
Director of External Communications Craig Hodges
External Communications Coordinator Lauren Davis
Director of Consumer Public Relations, Passenger Car & Light Truck Lynne Fowler
Public Relations Manager, BFGoodrich Tom Sullivan
We will not buy Michelin tires until you stop financially penalizing your employees based on their body size. It is not truly voluntary, it is discriminatory and it is an abuse of your power. We stand with the employees of Michelin, who have a right to privacy in their health choices.

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