Stop Mike Wiegele Eight Peaks Proposal

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 The 8 Peaks proposal set forth by Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and the proposed privatization of Crown land, and/or Section 58 closures will drastically impact daily business for Bone Creek Wilderness Retreat during the winter months as well as 90% of other businesses in Blue River. We are dependent on snowmobile/Sledboarding/Sled Skiing enthusiasts to carry us all through the winter months. With out the support of winter tourism many businesses would no longer be viable. I believe that snowmobiling is essential to the economic future of the North Thompson Valley.  Further, I believe existing restrictions on access to public lands in the form of Section 58 closures and Caribou closures should also be reviewed/rescinded to allow the expansion of other economic drivers in the North Thompson Valley, such as snowmobiling.  Snowmobiling represents the largest growth of tourism dollars to our valley.  With over 7300 trail passes sold last season alone.  Without the economic spinoffs of snowmobiling many jobs would be lost, and local businesses would suffer. The more restrictions that are placed on snowmobiling in the valley, the greater the negative impact is directly on all business, jobs , income  and recreation in the North Thompson Valley, especially Blue River.