NO mining in the RENCA reserve in the Amazon!


NO mining in the RENCA reserve in the Amazon!

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Andrea Gauzzi started this petition to President of Brazil Michel Temer and

Mr Temer,

the international community has raised an overwhelming criticism against your decision of opening the RENCA reserve in the Amazon to mining activities.

It is well known that mining in the Amazon has always caused devastating effects on the native population and on the environment, without producing any development. Recent examples are the mining projects in the Tapajós or in the Serra do Navio.

Satellite and socioeconomical data collected during the last decades amply demonstrate that the construction of roads alone encourages illegal deforestation, garimpo and threats to the native population, while the poverty of the local population is striking (see, for example, an extensive report published in the "Folha de São Paulo" at ).

On the other hand, it is widely recognized that the native culture and biodiversity hold great promise for the development of numerous high-tech areas including medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, arts and humanities.

In view of the above considerations, we urge you to:

1. Abandon the RENCA project as well as any similar mining projects.

2. Promote the extension of the protected areas and the recovery of deforested ones.

3. Support the fight against deforestation and foster environmental education for local people and farmers.

The massive reaction of the Brazilian people and of the international community against your decision shows a strong will to protect the Amazon and its native population. We therefore count on your sense of responsibility as main representative of the Brazilians to honor the above requests.

Yours faithfully,


Supporting Facts

Experts in the field of climatology, geology, biology and antropology agree that drastic actions have to be undertaken now in order to stop the destruction of the Amazon and of the other tropical forests. The monitoring of the Amazon over the last decades shows that the damages already caused by roads, farming and mining activities have reached a critical point above which unpredictible and irreversible effects are expected soon: see, for example, the report published recently by the Luc4c research program (Land-use change: assessing the net climate forcing, and options for climate change mitigation and adaptation ).


1. It is estimated that deforestation in tropical areas has produced as much as 30% of the CO2 emissions responsible for the global warming (greenhouse effect) whose devastating effects are being observed every year.

2. Deforested areas no longer contribute to the production of rainfall, thus leading to an increasing aridity and encouraging criminal fires and further deforestation.

3. On the other hand, these areas quickly become unproductive as the deforested soil is basically inert. Thus, farming, the main responsible of deforestation, is ironically victim of itself.

In conclusion, it is shortsighted and behind the times to promote mining and farming in the Amazon, for the economic gain produced in the short term is to be compared with the overwhelming cost of desertification and of the climate changes already visible.


This petition made change with 1,084 supporters!

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