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Michael Vick's V7 Clothing Line: Pull Inventory

Michael Vick tortured dogs. He hung, beat and killed them for not meeting his expectations to fight. Now he is exploiting them to his gain. It is outrageous he wants to continue to profit off criminal cruelty to animals and a shame that stores sell any products that allow it.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Consumer Affairs
    Fans Edge
  • Consumer Affairs
    Modell's Sporting Goods
  • CEO
    Mitchell Modell
  • Sports Authority
  • Administrative Contact
    Modell's Sporting Goods
  • e-commerce
    Modell's Sporting Goods
  • Receiver of proceeds from Michael Vick Clothing Line
    Philadelphia Boys and Girls Club
  • Receiver of Proceeds from Michael Vick V7 line
    Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Eagles Sales
  • Football Fanatics
  • Nfl apparel

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