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Bring Costa neoRiviera to Los Angeles to sail year round Mexico Cruises starting January 2015

People from Southern California would really like to take a round-trip Costa cruise. They will be able to do so if they just sign this petition.

The Costa neoRiviera will be able to depart Savona, Italy on November 17, 2014, and offer a transatlantic cruise to Miami, which it should arrive there  on January 5, 2015. After that, it will sail a Panama Canal cruise to Los Angeles, where it will home port in Los Angeles to do year round 7 day cruises to Mexico. Ports will include Puerto Vallarta, and an overnight stay in Cabo San Lucas. There is no need to replace this ship in any destination, since it wasn't scheduled to go to anywhere else. Remember, this petition is for those who want to take a roundtrip Costa cruise from Los Angeles. 



This petition was delivered to:
  • Costa Cruises CEO
    Michael Thamm
  • Port of Los Angeles Commissioners
  • Port Operations, Costa Cruises
    Roberto Ferrarini

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