For the safety of child passengers and local drivers, install a traffic signal at the new intersection of Jefferson & Domingo Baca.

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COA & NMDOT: The Safety of Child Passengers & Local Drivers "Warrants" a Traffic Signal




We have confirmation that NMDOT has agreed to pay for half of the installation of the new traffic signal we have been fighting for! 

Thank you NMDOT!

However, the project is stalled yet again as the City of Albuquerque has yet to commit the funds. Even after new studies show that safety is a concern and that a traffic signal should be installed!

Let's put some pressure on the City to get this done!



Dear Team Leaders of the PDN/I-25 Project,

I wrote this petition because we, the frustrated community, have no other way left to get our message heard. We are citizens concerned about an oversight in the Paseo del Norte and I-25 reconstruction project. Our group is comprised of business owners in the area, employees of those businesses, customers of those businesses, and members of the general public.

As it has been voiced in many ways in the past month, we request that a traffic signal be installed at the new intersection of Jefferson and Domingo Baca. We have never been given a clear or direct answer as to why this traffic signal is not currently planned for installation. Instead, we are thrown into the following finger-pointing loop:

  • Wilson & Company states that the only entity preventing the signal light is the City of Albuquerque.

  • The City of Albuquerque says they are requesting the light (Michael Riordan supports it), but NMDOT is preventing it.

  • NMDOT says they'll install the light, but the study from Wilson & Company says it is “not warranted” and therefore the funds are not available.

A past study (Supplemental Phase 1A Initial Corridor Study Report I-25/Paseo Del Norte Interchange, NMDOT Project: MGS-025-4(127)233, CN D3026) has clearly shown that the local traffic on Jefferson is extremely congested. The current intersection was rated an “F” for level of service. The only reason a signal wasn't installed was due to the proximity to Paseo del Norte.

Now, with the PDN/I-25 reconstruction, the problems that are an everyday hazard for us are being relocated a little to the north. Relocated, not dealt with without a traffic signal. Regardless of how fast and smooth Paseo commuters can pass through the area after construction, the local traffic of Jefferson is still the same. The signal, which is now possible, is the only way to mitigate the hazards of the heavily used area.

Additionally, the original study counted 300 large trucks per day using this area of Jefferson. What it didn't account for (and is easily proven) is the 650-800 vehicles with child passengers per week that now share the same space as the trucks and the other customers and employees of the area. These children are enrolled at the dance and music school (or cheerleading academy) that has existed on the frontage road just northeast of Paseo and Jefferson for 10 years. This is not temporary traffic from a fledgling start-up, nor is the regular weekly traffic “special event” traffic as one Wilson and Company representative claimed.

Our hope is that by adding the voices of the parents driving these children to the voices of the truck drivers, employees, business owners, and other customers in the area, we will finally be heard.

Install the traffic signal at the new intersection of Jefferson and Domingo Baca. The safety of child passengers and local drivers always "warrants" precautionary measures.The installation of the signal falls well within the scope of the project and confirms your commitment with the project goals you have publicly stated: “ improve traffic flow and safety in this area while easing congestion and providing better access to jobs.”

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