17 Years Wrongful Imprisonment

17 Years Wrongful Imprisonment

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Started by Melissa Crisp

19 years ago, Christopher Tucker was convicted for the aggravated murder of Timothy Austin at Whatley’s Bar May 22, 2003 in East Cleveland, Ohio. This entire case is built on mistaken identity. There were two eye witnesses, Joseph Fussell & Nikia Beal (Timothy Austin’s Girlfriend) who stated Chris was the shooter while under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. 
Joseph recanted his statement and wrote two affidavits stating that he was under the influence of PCP and mistakenly identified Chris as the shooter. Others also came forward giving affidavits as well stating Chris was NOT the shooter! The other affidavits contained statements of two men getting out of a Cadillac confronting Tim and then shooting him and another man walking up to Tim to finish him off. When Nikia was questioned by East Cleveland Detectives, JUNE 19, 2003, almost a MONTH later, proper procedure was not followed! Nikia was ONLY shown a newspaper article that Chris was arrested and ONLY ONE photograph of Chris instead of a photo array. So as you see coercion played a part! ESPECIALLY when Chris was already taken into custody MAY 23, 2003 the day after the shooting. Other witnesses gave EAST CLEVELAND POLICE information of possible suspects but NONE of them was questioned or investigated! Chris asked to be tested for Gun Residue of which he was never tested BUT on a report to be tested and that NEVER took place. Chris even had the same clothing on from the night before when he was arrested......    So wouldn’t there be GUN RESIDUE and BLOOD on Chris IF he walked up and unloaded a gun (8 shots) onto Tim? 
Chris has taken a polygraph test in 2010 which the state gave him and he PASSED! Yes, we know they are inadmissible, BUT had he failed it, they would sure use it against him! There is DNA involving the bullets but the public defenders involved in his case were ineffective and it was thrown out. They didn’t file things properly and got issues denied. So nothing was ever tested and even new witness affidavits were thrown out. That right there could have turned this case over! 
It’s unfortunate that Tim lost his life that night! 
It’s unfortunate that a INNOCENT MAN has been sitting in prison for the last 19 years for a murder he DID NOT COMMIT!! RIGHT is RIGHT & WRONG is WRONG! WE have to STOP all these MISTAKEN IDENTITIES, COERCIONS & INJUSTICES!!! 
PLEASE take the time to support us and give Chris a voice and the justice he deserves!!! 
Thank you all for your time & support! 
God Bless to you all! 


Melissa & Chris ❤️



17,558 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!