Petitioning Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter and 8 others

Return the deed to property owners of 3617 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia

Dupree Studios, 3617 Haverford Ave., is a valuable asset for Mantua, West Philadelphia and should not be destroyed under eminent domain law and exploited for private developers. Purchased in 2005 by local artist James E. Dupree, this 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse turned art studio provides cultural significance to the area and was designed as a museum and studio for art production, instruction, and residency.  

In December 2012, the City of Philadelphia seized the deed of Dupree Studios and granted acquisition to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority in accordance with the Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code. City Hall has teamed up with private developers to transform the Mantua section, including the project and development of "The Plaza", a suburban-style supermarket encompassing four full city blocks, regretfully reducing Dupree Studios to a parking lot.

Let's support local artists and protect small business owners from being exploited.  If the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority wants to sell private property to a private developer, let the land owners sell to them directly by returning the deed the original tax paying owners.

Save Dupree Studios by signing the petition. Don't let City Hall think it's okay to take individual property for private developers to prosper. 

Thank you,

Dupree Studios

Letter to
Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter
Philadelphia City Council President Darrell L. Clarke
District 3 Council Member Jannie L. Blackwell
and 6 others
3rd District Council Member Jannie L. Blackwell
Deputy Executive Director of Development, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority Tania Nikolic
Executive Director, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority Brian Abernathy
General Counsel, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority Nicholas Scafidi
Deputy Executive Director of Land Policy, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority John Carpenter
Esquire, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority Susan Varghese
Return the deed to the property owners of 3617 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia

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