Vote NO on Illinois SB16 (School Funding Reform Act of 2014)

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We oppose Illinois State Senator Andy Manar's School Funding Reform Act of 2014, known as SB16, for the following reasons:

•  SB16 does not increase the level of education funding, it only redistributes what limited education funds are available.  Illinois ranks 50th in the nation in education funding.  According to the Illinois State Board of Education Fact Sheet dated April 2014, P-12 education funding has been cut by more than $2.7 billion since Fiscal Year 2009.

•  SB16 does not address the fact that the state does not meet its current obligations to fund education.  For the past three years, the state has underfunded all school districts by 11%.

• SB16 uses a faulty funding formula that does not account for cost-of-living differences.  The cost of goods and services varies widely across the state.  Suburban Chicago School Districts need to pay significantly more to attract and retain qualified teachers.

•  the financial impact of SB16 on my school district will further strain the limited resources of my school district, resulting in a punitive reduction of services and property tax increases in order to compensate for the loss of state funding.

•  SB16 unfairly burdens struggling families and senior citizens on fixed incomes within my community who will suffer increased property taxes and education fees as a result.  Consequently, these struggling families and seniors may eventually be priced out of our communities.

•  as written, SB16 provides a special cost benefit to Chicago Public Schools.  Under SB16 the state will now assume teacher pension costs for Chicago Public Schools, at significant cost to Illinois taxpayers.

•  SB16 does not address the root cause of education funding issues in Illinois.  We need to grow our communities, bring jobs to Illinois and grow our tax base - not redistribute the limited resources we already have.

 We, the undersigned, are Illinois residents, taxpayers, and voters.

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