Stop Thundercats Roar to bring back Thundercats Remake (2011)

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Hey everyone.

So, I know what you are about to say: "Another outraged Thundercats fan?" and the truth is not exactly. See, this new show looks like one of those shows that were mashed together and blurted out into the world by companies like Warner Bros, it seemed vain and uninspired which is why I made this petition, let me explain. As you know, Thundercats has been an idol and inspiration for TV animations and cartoons and has received many many many many fans so of course, in 2011, Studio 4°C along with many other companies like Warner Bros. animation made a remake on Cartoon Network which was very well executed and I frankly liked it, but Cartoon Network gave it a terrible time slot and then cancelled it because of low ratings and/or the toys not selling as they have done with so many other shows in recent years Later it reran on Adult Swim's Toonami for a short time, the show did not reach its peak in terms of what it could have become. As a result Cartoon Network cancelled the show which left it on a cliffhanger that angered and saddened fans and me. Fast forward to May 18th 2018, last friday and the day before my birthday, Thundercats Roar was announced and frankly, another remake of Thundercats coming from Warner Bros. that looked like that made me feel betrayed. This company is putting good money into creating this new show and putting it on the air when they could put it into continuing the 2011 remake. Picture it this way, they want this remake to appeal for kids but the 2011 remake would appeal just as much to the kids to be honest and makes it a good show on its own, even if you don't know Thundercats! Which leads me to this petition, please, please, please listen to my voice and the voice of so many others. I just want to finish by adding that most people think that only adults in their 30s and 40s who watched Thundercats as kids want what I want but that is simply not true because I am a kid, a 15 year old kid who thinks that this is the right path and decision for Cartoon Network, for Warner Brothers and for the sake of variety and freshness in what is on TV. So please, join me and countless others to make our voice heard and to make small things like this matter because, as a great man once said: "Snarf Snarf"...


- A kid who likes Cartoons