Let's make possible the return of the series "Girls Meet World" through another television

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My wish is that the Girls Meet World series, previously broadcast by the Disney Channel, returns with the same actors, either by the same or another television channel.
I know why the end of the series, however to many fans who love her and wish her return, let's make this possible.
I personally love this series, I love its actors and actresses, I love what it teaches me. I have recently seen it again and the crazy idea of ​​publishing this and I have tried to get the director-producers to make an effort to find a chain that allows the return of the series that I personally love and I know that many people like me, they do.

I think the solution would be for the directors and producers to find another television network to which they can reach an agreement so that the program can air again from its much desired fourth season, if I'm not correct, excuse me, you know my intention.
If everything we are planning turns out as such, you can probably return the series or the directors and producers or the person in charge can find a way in which this dream becomes possible.
I'm Farkle, thank you very much.