Mandatory CCTV cameras in farms where animals are raised for profit to stop animal cruelty

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Industrial farm animals should not be left at the mercy of the farm owners or handlers. 

The recent images in the news showing the sadistic beating of the sheared sheep calls for stricter controls of workers' behaviour towards the animals. Much more should be done to protect them from cruelty than it is done now.

Animals that are raised for profit across industrial farms suffer everyday cruelty. Their wellbeing is of little interest to farmers/producers themselves or to supermarkets, all of which are primarily interested in profits and public image at the most. Majority of the general public receives little information regarding the treatment of the animals and have a rather veiled image of the issue. 

Yet we care. 

It is not enough to install compulsory CCTVs in abattoirs, where the animals are slaughtered, but it should access all areas where the animals are handled. 

The footage should be available for checks by the governmental and non-governmental organizations and other interested parties, and any misbehaviour should be fined or prosecuted by law, accordingly. 

Animals should not be abused without punishment just because they are different species than us, humans. We aim to reach non-discrimination towards other nationalities and races yet we freely discriminate and abuse other species. Things need to change.