Bee killing pesticides to be allowed following brexit

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Risk of neonicotinoids pose to the environment bad especially harmful To specific bees eg honeybee and bumble bee have been highly studied and this banned by the EU and ergo UK in 2018. The promise made to UK citizens back in 2017 was that post Brexit would be environmental standards would not only be maintained but enhanced. Therefore the latest decision to allow the use again in UK of the above pesticide is contrary to the promise made by Mr Gove and should be reversed.

There are many research studies undertaken which show the damage to honey and bumble bees but the individuals concerned with the apparent exchange and reversal of the ban of neonincotinoids are salaried and have vested interests in using the pesticides and used a study of a specific bee which did not highlight any damage.

There has been a decline in our bumble and honey bees which needs to be stopped and banning the use of the above pesticide one way which will assist the bees in increasing their numbers

So please say no to neonincotinoid use and safe our bees, wildlife and environment and keep our health. Our government has promised enhanced environmental protection going forward following Brexit. Leaving the EU should not mean we decrease our standards.