Arapahoe County, CO claims to be kin to First Nations but traffics native children

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Amber Galvan started this petition to Senator Michael F. Bennet and

The problem we are facing with Arapahoe County is they proudly have the face of a respectable Arapahoe Warrior in a war bonnet. This is displayed as their logo in front of their building and most of all the state buildings. Not understanding the war bonnet has significant meaning in indigenous culture. The war bonnet signifies something that is earned and has a different in meaning per tribe. Each feather on the headdress represented an achievement, whether that be an act of bravery on the battlefield or accomplishing a great deed for one’s own tribe. There are some tribes that their war bonnets were earned by scalping and obtaining a lock of hair to add with their feather, which was NOT practiced by all First Nations Tribes. The COLONIZERS were actually the people who did scalp the indigenous people of the land.

With that, it is highly respected and is earned not passed down. Now what most POC are experiencing with Arapahoe County is systemic racism, and cannot fight the abuse done to families within their power. They continue to steal our children, kill the mothers, and try to take our dignity as much as possible. I am a testament of this, as I am still fighting for one visit with my child. I have not seen my son in 11 years since the day of an accidentally scratch, not through the ARAPAHOE COUNTY courts, CPS, a Guardium a lite, not a therapist, not even one supervised visit. THEY NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED they are the most prejudice COUNTY IN COLORADO, all they want is money.

This year 2020, Luis (my stepfather the 1 who purchased my son) through ARAPAHOE COUNTY Combined Courts in Centennial, Colorado, has served me with the 2nd Petition of Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights. My rights are still intact! PLEASE take time & READ A LETTER TO LUIS (plaintiff) & HIS LAWYER from a grieving mother and family.

Dear Luis and Kristi,

I would like to propose a mediation where there is an agreement/discussion about a relationship with mother and son. This would solely rely on what Charlie is wanting from his own future. I am not asking that you give me full custody or even temporary custody. I am simply asking for an opportunity to let Charlie know that his mother loves him dearly, as this has not happened since the day of the accidental scratch, due to our differences on how this situation is viewed per our personal beliefs.

I fought ridiculously hard for 8 years, and because of a private (not mandatory) restraining order, a physical relationship was not allowed with mother and son. I was under the impression; the only reason reintegration therapy did not start was because I had to pay Kristi’s fees before that was a possibility. Other than a physical relationship with Charlie, I have always made every effort to ensure Charlie had a connection to all his family, he knows I love him according to every single family member that does get a rare chance to visit with him. They make it a point to tell him that his mother loves him very much. Not only that, anytime my other children are in Colorado or can get together with Charlie, my mother will do everything in her power to get a relationship between brothers and siblings. When he receives a gift from his immediate birth family it is always very thoughtful and sent every year, sometimes they are returned by Luis.

I would like to make this extremely clear; I would never abandon any of my children, I will keep fighting for the opportunity to tell him I love him. This is one thing that can never be changed in me as a mother to all these amazing kids, I cannot and will not give up on loving them. I still would like to get to know him for all he has to offer this world, and care for him enough to tell him he will always have a family that loves him very much. He holds a place in my heart that will never be replaced, a name is just a name, but I rather have him to genuinely want that for himself. My goal here is not to rip Charlie from a home that he has known for the first part of his life. I want him to know who we are, where he comes from, have that unbreakable relationship with his brothers, to hear and know that this Nunez family has not stopped thinking about him since the day he has left, that we love him always, and we will never leave his side (metaphorically as there is a restraining order still in place prohibiting contact for mom), I also want him to know that his culture will be here in this home always.

Luis as an adopted child, you should have some sympathy for Charlie. I am sure you would have liked to hear you mother tell you she loves you so much, and will always be there for you if you need her before you were adopted. I may not know all the psychology behind the child’s thinking in these situations, but I am remarkably familiar with therapy. Therapy is a wonderful tool and I believe everyone, especially Charlie and you could benefit with the trauma of being adopted. I do not want to cause any trauma to Charlie, he has been through enough of that. I am asking that I have an opportunity to tell him I love him even it is supervised, in hopes he would willing want to continue to build a relationship with his birth family.

I am not in agreeance with this adoption; however, I am not here to traumatize Charlie, but I want to come to an agreement that Charlie deserves as much love and family as possible. As well as letting his voice be heard for once, neither yourself or Charlie has had a mental health evaluation or has an opinion from a doctored psychologist. Dr. Richard Spiegel PhD is an amazing therapist who specializes in case like ours, as we have all agreed that his resume is the therapist to mediate the situation. On top of all that I know Charlie would not be disappointed in his office as it is the most beautiful and welcoming place to be. Please send me back a response as quickly as possible, as I would like to save us both a lot of time and money into the court system.

Thanks kindly

Please, we are begging anyone and everyone to help restore our family and end this injustice, not just for my family but many families. I am not asking for money; I am simply asking for the people’s time to share my story and help fight these cruel people. The punishment that my family has received is very cruel and unusual. I am sure I am not the only family suffering this trauma. Let us get answers to why this is happening. This is part of my journey and I want my son to know I love him, and I would never stop fighting for his VOICE to be heard. Mind you I have all my other children living at home with me, when this started my second child was 6 months and they never took him from me.

As indigenous people we all know what the affects of residential schools did to our culture, but we can fix it. We need to help with all issues that are affecting our rights. Please demand an investigation into my case and other cases handled by the judges/magistrates that made orders to sell my child to the highest bidder. The goal for children that are taken into the system is reunification, but the question is why in cases like mine was that not the best interest of our children?

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