I was raped by my previous lab instructor while at IUPUI. I was physically harmed & couldn't move for two days plus trauma. I know all persons of rape feel similar regardless of the circumstances or who it was that assaulted their body. I had no DNA evidence to prove it was Bart Bareither who raped me in 2005 so I did not report it. He would have never spent a day in jail after I was persecuted in court. He then walked into the police station in Indianapolis, Indiana to confess on his own 9 years later. Indiana has a 5 year statute of limitation on rape where most other states have none at all. Help me change this law as Indiana is one of very few states that lagg in the change of rape laws. You can find the legalities for Indiana and my story in articles from IndyStar and USAtoday on February 16th, 2014 in the first three links below.






Thank you,

Jenny Wendt

Letter to
State Senator Michael Crider
State Representative Christina Hale
State Representative Robert Cherry
Indiana to change the statute of limitations on rape to at least >20 years.

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