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Reduce the number of dogs bred in Ireland.

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I volunteer at my local dog and cat rescue centre. I find it heart breaking, the number of dogs found straying. I am frustrated by the number of dogs that are surrendered because people did not understand the commitment they were undertaking. Post Christmas is a nightmare, that's when the "Christmas present" has out stayed it's welcome and is no longer the cute puppy it was on Christmas day.  The number of puppies saved from being illegally transported to the UK for sale seems endless. The new micro-chipping law is useless, unless dog wardens (who do an incredible job) check random dogs on their rounds. I would love to see those who run puppy farms come and do the work (unpaid) that our loyal and wonderful volunteers do. We pick up the pieces. We give them love and try to find them a forever home. We need the breeding to stop and the rescuing to start. I want the Minister for Agriculture Mr Micheal Creed to make it illegal to advertise dogs for sale online. I want strict laws on breeding. I want vets, to be held accountable for dogs that are brought to them, to ensure that they are micro-chipped and registered.

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