Help me get my loved one released to home confinement


Help me get my loved one released to home confinement

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Nube Brown started this petition to Michael Carvajal director of BOP

Please call and/or email Michael Carvajal, director of Federal Bureau of prisons: (202) 307-3198 press ext #2, then #1, then #2 and leave message with Ms. Rhone; Ask for Keith Washington's release to home confinement, to me. In gratitude, Nube (Tracy Brown)

Here is my personal letter to the director of BOP:

Dear Michael Carvajal,                                                                            12/14/2020

My name is Tracy Brown.

Within the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of welcoming into my world the life changing event of becoming a friend, a partner and a fiancé.

When Keith Malik Washington (34481-037) returned after 13 years of confinement, we had anticipated a necessary transition time at the halfway house, knowing that there is a process for reentry, but that it would include support for the building of a family, sooner rather than later.

It is disheartening to think that the BOP does not see the importance of allowing a recently returned loved one to start as quickly as possible towards that end. To my mind, the most basic aspect of securing a happy, fulfilling and successful life starts at home.

As Keith’s fiancé, I imagined being able to prepare and eat meals together, providing physical nourishment and growth; being able to share thoughts and ideas at the beginning and end of our days, providing mental nourishment and growth; and being able to care, pray and dream together, providing spiritual nourishment and growth, sooner rather than later.

And what about my son? Why must he be deprived of a mentor, a male with principles and a man of faith who represents resilience, gratitude and the reason for second chances? My son is away at college in Santa Barbara, and while he may come home infrequently, how can he develop a relationship with the man he will call ‘step-father’ if he is deprived access to him? This also deprives Keith of the opportunity to develop those tools that will be so necessary when he begins to reestablish his relationships with his own estranged sons.

I don’t see how the BOP can claim to support the people in their care and truly wish for their success, if they hinder one of the most important tenets of a successful return- the building and maintaining of family ties.

Here’s another point. Keith has employment and after May 2021 has no federal supervision- and he is sober. So why at the end of a long, productive day must he go back to you, while I am at home alone? Keith and I are both left without the benefit of the other. This can’t be what the BOP intends when they speak of rehabilitation and successful reentry, is it?

Lastly, do I really need to mention the health consequences of having Keith go back and forth between a congregate setting and work during this Covid-19 pandemic? We work in the same place, along with two elderly people in their eighties. And now it’s come to my attention that you have released 18,000 people to home confinement. Is there a reason you’ve singled out my fiancé for denial?

I ask that you grant him home confinement without delay,

Respectfully, Tracy Brown






This petition made change with 903 supporters!

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