Say NO to parole for our baby's killer

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In 2015 18 month old Hemi Goodwin-Burke was killed by his babysitter.


Hemi's family says:

"Our baby was violently pushed, punched and kicked in a sustained and vicious attack by a full grown man ... 78 bruises, ruptured internal organs, fractured bones and a severed brain stem. And his killer is going to be set free after only FOUR YEARS? HOW IS THIS FAIR?" 

  • Matthew James Ireland was sentenced for murder but a plea bargain was struck and the charges were downgraded to manslaughter.
  • He is now eligible for parole after just 4 years! 
  • The first 2 years of his sentence were in remand with NO rehabilitation programs
  • How can a parole board even consider this baby killer to be rehabilitated?

This is a matter of public safety. We can not let this convicted child killer into our community where he could violently take another child's life.

Please sign this petition and help keep this convicted child killer behind bars where he belongs