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What is the RUSH??? The PEP intends to vote on our schools co-location on October 15, 2013. 

SLOW DOWN and engage the parents, the school and the community in authentic dialogue to find solutions that work with our community school. 

I.S. 2, The George L. Egbert School,  is a middle school on Staten Island.  We are a Title 1 school located in Midland Beach, a flood zone.  Our school was flooded and damaged during Hurricane Sandy and needed to relocate.  The boiler was destroyed, the electrical system was destroyed, the basement was flooded and everything located in the basement was destroyed. We have no working boiler and are still recovering.   

We were alerted by the DoE to the proposed co-location a week before school ended. The DoE had not visited our school, nor were they aware we were impacted by the Hurricane prior to proposing co-location. 

We have not had a PTA meeting yet after learning about the co-location.  Our Community Education Council held a meeting in July to seek out parent input. ALL parents were opposed to co-location. 

Class size would remain large with the co-location at 30+ students. 

All common spaces would be shared creating logistical problems.  These include the cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium and school yard. 

The DoE Impact Statement indicates that enrichment programs like art, music & chorus will likely be lost as a result of co-location.

The DoE Impact Statement indicates that sports programs will likely be lost as a result of reduced enrollment. 

We are a Title 1 school and have seen our budgets cut year after year having to work with less to help our students. 68% of whom are at the poverty level.

We want SOLUTIONS like smaller class size which is  proven to help academic outcomes. There is NO DATA that Co-locations improve academic outcomes. 

The DoE states the reason for this co-location is to improve performance and to give parents a choice. If that is true, engage the parents in meaningful conversation.  Parents have expressed they want SMALLER CLASS SIZES, not crowding two schools in one building and paying double the cost for two administrations with no money going to hire additional teachers to reduce class size.   Smaller class size WILL improve performance.  Help the STUDENTS and don't push your agenda on us with no data to show this works.  

Letter to
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Council Member Debi Rose
Council Member Vincent Ignizio
and 23 others
Public Advocate Bill De Blasio
PEP Member Alison Rogovin
PEP Member David Brown
PEP Member Diane Peruggia
PEP Member Ian Shapiro
PEP Member Robert Powell
PEP Member Tino Hernandez
PEP Member Jeanette Moy
PEP Member Milton Williams, Jr.
Chief of Staff Steve Matteo
Council Member James Oddo
PEP Member Judy Bergtraum
PEP Member Dmytro Fedkowskyj
PEP Member Patrick Sullivan
State Representative Michael Cusick
State Representative Nicole Malliotakis
State Senator Andrew Lanza
State Representative Joseph Borelli
State Representative Matthew Titone
Chancellor, NYC DoE Dennis M. Walcott
PEP Member Kelvin Diamond
PEP Member Joe Lewis, Jr.
Staten Island Borough President's Office Diane Marciuliano
Stop the Co-Location at I.S. 2!!!

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