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Ban Paul Ryan from Miami University events if he doesn't help pass the Zadroga Renewal Act

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The Zadroga Act is an act that provides health monitoring and financial aid to 9/11 first responders. The bill struggled to recieve enough votes to be passed originally but eventually got through the House and the Senate and was signed into action by President Obama in 2010. The bill has since expired and many of these benefits have been lost by those first responders, some of which are still suffering imense health issues due to suffering injuries, being exposed to toxins, among other things, while responsing to the attacks. This time around the bill recieved enough votes in both the Senate and the House to be passed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, have both not taken the steps to pass this bill. Ryan has been reported as attempting to take money out of the healthcare fund provided by the bill. McConnell is said to have told the leaders behind the Zardoga Act that he would add it to a transportation bill he was having passed but then removed it when he did not recieve the concessions he asked for in regards to trading oil. (This video will do a better job of explaining the issue itself: )

I am an undergraduate student at Miami Unversity and Speaker Ryan is among our most esteemed and celebrate Alumni, with good reason, given his accomplishments. I feel this issue transcends political affiliation and comes down to doing what's right. This bill not being passed for aforementioned reasons is morally reprehensible. It's so a complete lack of compassion for the people of America who these politicians claim to serve. If out Senate Majority Leader and our Speaker of the House won't get a bill that provides healthcare for people dying of health issues caused by being the first responders of 9/11, passed for reasons related to them wanting to use it as a bargaining chip, then what can we expect of them. There's not much the I or the Miami University student body can do, to influence McConnell to take proper action but given Miami being Paul Ryan's alma matar, we could influence him getting this bill passed. 

Sign this petition if you believe Miami University should no longer invite House Speaker Paul Ryan back on campus for events and should no longer, as prominantly acknowledge him as a honorable alumi, if he doesn't take action to get this bill passed.

If you support this petition, make sure to tweet at @SpeakerRyan about it using the hashtag #WorstResponders.

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