Remove racist professor who called protesters racial slurs

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While we honor George Floyd’s memory and demand justice for him, Breonna Taylor, and so many others who have been unjustly killed at the hands of racist police forces, it is important we work to keep our own community accountable. Organizers today (June 4) held a march in solidarity with the Black community in front of the Oxford courthouse, where protesters were openly mocked and called racist names by Miami University professor Douglas Brooks.

City council member Jason Bracken reported the event, saying that Brooks pulled up and began to yell immediately, calling the completely peaceful protesters “a bunch of monkeys” (a term frequently used as an offensive racial epithet)  in the middle of someone speaking to the crowd. Multiple people then informed him they were filming him (link to video below) and asked him to repeat what he’d just said, which he refused to do; those present repeated what he said, which he did not deny. This was reaffirmed by many of those present, including fellow council member Bill Snavely.

The Code of Love and Honor, touted by administration whenever possible, holds students and administration to "uphold the dignity and rights of others" (the right to peacefully protest) AS WELL AS promising to "welcome a diversity of people". The university non-discrimination policy promises to “take action to prevent harassment [and] discrimination”. Finally, the university's diversity statement holds all who "work, live study, and teach in the Miami Community [to] be committed to these principles of mutual respect." Brooks is in violation of all of these statements, statements which Miami claims to hold in the highest regard.

Brooks is a professor in the department of Teacher Education. Both Miami University and the College of Education, Health, and Society condemn racism in any form. He must be removed immediately and condemned for his prejudiced, intolerant views, launched at a group peacefully protesting injustice. We call on administrators to right this wrong straight away.

Link to video of professor here

Report an incident to Center for Diversity and Inclusion here