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Worldwide: 150 dead Orcas ... 974 dead Dolphins …


Here's something you are not likely 
to find posted at the park

Miami Seaquarium Dolphin Death Chart   Please visit this link, The information will not Copy and Paste. I wonder why? It seems information that incriminates them is made to disassemble. Please go to the link provided and on the left side you will see the Death Chart button, please view the massacre. And remember the Seaquarium catches their own dolphins, most of our dolphins on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Fla. have been subjected to their processing. It seems only the brightest are kept, enslaved till death, and replaced when necessary. And since they pretty much look the same the recurring visitors would not have any idea of what happens when the curtains are closed. Please I implore all activists to raise hell and high-water for your own relatives. These cetaceans are all our kindred. Thank you in advance for doing the right thing. Yours always in spirit, Pepucho 


Letter to
Florida Governor
I can't think of much more except financial disclosure that would prove beyond my doubts as to why this is done. Box office receipts minus expenses (maintenance is almost nonexistent) should indicate the profit margins. The profit margins should clearly indicate as to the why it is done. Please arise from the stupor society spins us into, and give your heart to Lolita and all cetaceans being abused for profit. They are replaced like models of cars. We must bring abuse of all animals way down, and sentient mammals should head the list I can't seem to post this link. Please work it manually and visit this sight, you may see things there that reveal more truth you are entitled to.

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