Fight for her freedom: Lolita the Orca Whale

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Dear animal advocates & community,

My name is Susie and I have a deep affinity with the natural world and animals we share and inhabit this beautiful planet. I decided to establish this petition after coming across the upsetting story of a resident Orca female whale at Miami Seaquarium.

Lolita, is 50 year old Orca Whale who was captured as a wild calf (4 years old) in 1970 and selected for a life of captivity. Taken from her mother and family, she was sold as off to the Miami Aquarium to live the rest of her days as an icon of entertainment for tourism and commercial gain. Lolita has spent the majority of her adult life as a detainee of the aquarium, confined to a lonely existence within the walls of her small tank, devoid of companionship and subject to isolation.

Awareness of her situation has ignited deep upset and indignation towards the Miami Seaquarium, who continue to keep Lolita in a state of perpetuity despite her tender old age. Reading about Lolita's capture and solitary existence impelled me to share her story with you, in a genuine attempt to gather support to appeal to the Miami Seaquarium to retire this beautiful Orca female.

Despite ongoing public outcry Lolita remains imprisoned at the Miami Seaquarium—in the smallest, oldest orca tank in the world—while the rest of her pod, including an orca believed to be her mother, swims freely. Lolita hasn't had any contact with another orca since 1980, when her tankmate, Hugo, died after repeatedly ramming his head into a wall. 

Lolita is unable to dive deep enough in her small 20 foot deep tank to seek shelter from the blistering sun so she is often subject to painful burns, she is unable to swim any meaningful distance that she would have otherwise had in a natural seaside sanctuary. She displays typical signs of psychological distress by rubbing herself against her tank walls, she's suffered extensive captivity related dental damage which causes her continual pain, and is administered antibiotics ahead of tourist season to prolong her energy and responsiveness.

Orca whales are incredibly social intelligent creatures, but Lolita has not been afforded much needed stimulation and enrichment, despite the unreasonable demands on her to perform up to 3 shows a day.

Lolita has faciliated financial prosperity at the expense of her mental stability, physical wellbeing, social health and freedom.

Put in another way; Lolita has been in lockdown for 50 years.

PETA has initiated previous campaigns to raise awareness of Lolita's suffering and life of confinement. You can read more about her story here:

And you can further demonstrate your support here:

The UK Independent has published an article regarding the ongoing plight to release Lolita from captivity:

I'm hoping response from this petition (and other ongoing campaigns) will rally positive change so this beautiful mammal can spend her remaining life in peace.

Please join me to help retire Lolita to a seaside sanctuary where she may finally know what it is like to feel freedom and deep blue waters.

Thank you so much for reading & your support.