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Petitioning Justice for Nuggets Miami Dade Police Department, Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners

End the use of deadly force on pets without reasoning, NO MORE SHOOTING

On Monday, May 14, 2012 around 6:45pm, my beloved pit-bull mix Nuggets was shot by an undercover Miami Dade Police officer in his own front yard in which was his home. Officer ran into his property while on a foot chase with a suspect for reasons I am still unaware of. With both people in the yard, Nuggets as usual went to welcome them like he always did when someone was to come inside. Nuggets approached both with a wagging tail and with a beautiful smile that pits are well known for. Officer decided to shoot him with one straight bullet to his face; I guess for “self-defense”. Nuggets never once jumped, bit, scratch, nor attack neither party in the yard, and this I am 100 percent sure of because everything was caught on our surveillance camera.

 I adopted Nuggets about 4 years ago at a park in a bad neighborhood. He was full of ticks, fleas, bleeding from fresh cuts and was very skinny. With the help of vets, food and lots of love Nuggets was in perfect condition. What this officer did to my loyal pet was uncalled for. Shooting a dog and letting him suffer to death because he was scared before Nugget even thought of attacking him, is just wrong- especially when they came into his yard. Something has to be done; I didn’t even get an apology from this officer that decided to end his life. For many people Nuggets would be label as just a dog, but to me he was my world, part of my family which is something I don’t have much of. He was up to date with all his shots, registered, fixed, he was legal! Just because of his breed he was assume to be dangerous. I’m so heartbroken, in pain, filled with anger. Part of my world is gone, I love him and he loves me.

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