no school the day after halloween for miami dade county schools

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( we reached our goal and i sent the email to the superintendent of miami dade now we wait and see)( not for sure will be approved but let’s hope)

As you all must know Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays which involve a lot of family and friend to gather which  tend to lead to a very late night gathering, its very hard to enjoy halloween having to go to school the day after. Without having school that day parent and students don’t have to worry about staying late which helps both parents and children. Having to go to school the next day having to wake up very early and only having about an average of 6 hours asleep is not good for students, they are mentally tired and are not going to able to concentrate and do their work. This would be the same as to have stayed home if the student isn’t able to give their 100 percent attention due to the lack of sleep had.

My proposition is not to turn November 1 st into a holiday as to the fact that not everyone celebrates halloween but, I propose to move the teacher planning day that we have on Monday, November 4 th to the first of November which would be more useful rather it to be on a day where monday’s are usually the start of a week which is likely more stressful for the parents to leave their kids alone at home.


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