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The law allows for the "Humane destruction of the pit bull dog by order of a court of competent jurisdiction."

Why should pit bulls be killed or put out in Miami?

In recent years, throughout Florida and the United States, there has been rapid and consistent violence against pit bulls based on a stereotype that they are dangerous. Tell Miami Dade to stop bullying this breed, breathing life to stereotypes and propagating the violence we see against pit bulls!

Letter to
Florida Senate Senator Arthenia L. Joyner
Florida Senate Senator Greg Evers
Florida Senate Senator Chris Smith
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Florida Senate Senator John Thrasher
Florida Senate Senator Oscar Braynon
Florida Senate Senator Dwight Bullard
End Breed Specific Legislation in Miami Dade county because it propagates unnecessary violence and negative affect against pit bulls and terriers everywhere! Allow pit bull owners the same freedom as other dog owners in Miami Dade county, and do not presume an animal is dangerous specifically because of it's breed. Florida will not stand for this kind of discrimination. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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