Miami-Dade County Commission Should Drop Legal Appeal, Allow Campaign Finance Reform Vote

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Miami-Dade County Commission Should Drop Legal Appeal, Allow Campaign Finance Reform Vote

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Grant Stern started this petition to Miami-Dade County Commissioner Audrey Edmondson and

Do you know why the nine Miami-Dade County Commissioners in this picture are so happy? Because they voted to kill campaign finance reform this week and are using lawyers to illegally try to keep it off the ballot.

Tell these NINE Miami-Dade County commissioners who appealed a judge's ruling to place the campaign finance reform measure onto the ballot to drop their legal appeal today!

Miami-Dade County's elections finance system is outdated and allows the appearance of conflicts of interest letting lobbyists and contractors who work for the county to donate to political candidates.

The ballot initiative would also create a public elections finance system which matches small donations if a candidate can get thousands of them, making it more important for regular people to participate and vote with dollars in these important political races which affect Miami's 2.5 million residents. 

Fifty five thousand Miami-Dade voters signed verified petitions to place a citizen's ballot initiative, campaign finance reform measure on the November 8th ballot. County commissioners are refusing to place the citizen's ballot initiative onto the ballot illegally and wasting our tax dollars to fight the measure in a blatant effort to leave it off the ballot unlawfully.

Now just 9 people stand in the way of fixing the way we elect our county commissioners and it's just wrong, literally illegally wrong. 

If we all email these people, they might just change their minds.

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Commissioner Audrey Edmondson - Email: Phone: 305-375-5393 or 305-636-2331 Twitter: @audreymedmonson

Commissioner Sally Heyman - Email: Phone: 305-375-5128 or 305-787-5999

Commissioner Bruno Barriero - Email: Phone: 305-643-8525 or 305-673-7743 Twitter: @Barreirofl

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa - Email: Phone 305-375-5696 or 305-267-6377 Twitter: @RebecaSosaMiami

Commissioner Dennis Moss - Email: Phone: 305-375-4832 or 305-234-4938 or 305-245-4420 

Commissioner Javier Suoto - Email: Phone: 305-375-4835 or 305-222-2116

Commissioner Juan C. Zapata - Email: Phone: 305-375-5511 Twitter: @juanczapata

Comissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz - Email: Phone: 305-375-4343 or 305-599-1200 Twitter: @commishdiaz

Commissioner Estevan Bovo, Jr. - Email: Phone: 305-375-4831 or 305-820-8424 Twitter: @CommBovo

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This petition had 104 supporters

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