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Petitioning Commissioner - District 1 Barbara Jordan and 13 others

Miami-Dade Commissioners: Vote for 21st Century Transportation


Are you one of the tens of thousands of people who have tried to open your Uber app in Miami only to find ‘No Cars Available’? It’s because technology to improve Miami transportation has effectively been outlawed. When you push the Uber button in New York, Mexico City, or Los Angeles a classy ride shows up in just minutes. In Miami, it’s a different story:

- If you call for a town car, and it comes in 5 minutes, by law you have to wait another 55 minutes before you are legally allowed to enter the vehicle.  Yes, both you and the driver are committing a crime if you get into a town car if you haven’t waited an hour after requesting it.
- If you want a sedan to take you just a few minutes down the road, for drinks with friends, you have to pay at least 28 times the minimum fare of a TAXI.
- If you run a sedan company and business is good, you can only grow your business if someone else has decided to shrink theirs. In Miami-Dade County, there are only 625 sedans for-hire allowed on the road for a county of nearly 3 million people. To give you some perspective, Los Angeles has over 20,000 sedans for-hire.

This is crazy! How can this be?
The Taxi industry has lobbied your county commissioners for decades, financing campaigns and using political muscle to limit your transportation. This has hurt the citizens of Miami, who need better transportation alternatives, and has limited the ability of thousands of livery and taxi drivers to make a decent living.

The time for change is now. Help bring Uber to Miami-Dade County. SIGN THE PETITION TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! 

On Wednesday, the Miami-Dade County Commission Transportation and Aviation Committee will be voting on a proposed ordinance that would bring Miami’s transportation laws into the 21st Century.  It will take 3 pro-consumer votes to advance the legislation to the full Commission.


Will Commissioner Moss stand up for Miami’s residents, visitors, local drivers and future?  Does Commissioner Barreiro believe that entrepreneurship and innovation have a place in Miami? Will the Transportation and Aviation Committee embrace innovation or vote their allegiance to special interests? Now is the time for Miami-Dade County’s leadership to step up. 


The answer depends on you: Tell the Board of County Commissioners that #MiamiNeedsUber @Uber_Miami and sign the petition asking them to stand up for you and not the status quo.

Letter to
Commissioner - District 1 Barbara Jordan
Commissioner - District 13 Esteban Bovo
Commissioner - District 12 Jose "Pepe" Diaz
and 11 others
Commissioner - District 11 Juan Zapata
Commissioner - District 10 Javier Souto
Commissioner - District 9 Dennis Moss
Commissioner - District 8 Lynda Bell
Commissioner - District 7 Xavier Suarez
Commissioner - District 6 Rebeca Sosa
Commissioner - District 5 Bruno Barreiro
Commissioner - District 4 Sally Heyman
Commissioner - District 3 Audrey Edmonson
Commissioner - District 2 Jean Monestime
Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez
We live, play, and travel in Miami-Dade County, and we’re asking you to bring new transportation options to our great city. Ordinance #131217 — sponsored by Commissioner Audrey Edmonson — would modernize antiquated rules that keep us from getting speedy, reliable, and affordable transportation through modern digital dispatch services. A city as fast, classy, and modern as Miami needs a variety of transportation options to match. Vote yes on Ordinance #131217.

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