MDC to Stay Remote for Fall 2020

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Miami-Dade County is now the epicenter of the COVID-19 virus. Due to the increasing number of cases with no end in sight, it is best if we continue remote learning. Opening of campus in the Fall can cause a surge and force students, faculty and staff to go back to remote learning causing a disruption in teaching. It is better now if we continue, a safe and proactive plan rather than putting our community at risk. 

Each course should at least offer a fully online section for students who are worried about contracting the virus or do not want to put their family back home at risk. Not to mention many MDC students are at greater risk or are parents to little ones that must be taken care of. 

If a student or professor were to be exposed to the virus, not only is the recovery time unpredictable it is followed by a two week quarantine. During this process a lot of class time will be lost putting the student or professor at risk of losing a class/failing. 

Wearing masks on campus and social distancing is not enough. We are still at great risk. Let’s work with our community.