Save Axon from unnecessary death

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The only time I was ever safe in my 5 years of life was the 50+ days I spent at Miami Dade Animal Services there my name was Axon . I liked that name I was loved at the shelter when I had that name .  When a rescue came to save me, I was so excited for a second chance in life. Little did I know my life would be hell for the next 3 weeks and ultimately I would be killed. I was put in a home immediately after coming out of the shelter. They changed my name to Smokey and they never loved me . There was a lot of yelling and screaming in the home owned by a son and his 84 year old mother who was in a wheelchair and unable to walk. I was a good doggie at the shelter. I loved people and dogs. The volunteers spent so much time with me and said I was one of their favorites. Not a mean bone in my body despite what I endured from my previous owner. I was heartworm positive and never got my treatment so I may not have always felt well. I was never given time to decompress before being placed in this chaotic home but I tried to stay calm, loving and happy. Then came the day my life changed forever. No one knows what really happened except me and the people in the home but I never meant to hurt anyone. Something happened in that home to make me do what I did. The words they use to describe me and what I did portray me as a monster. Please believe me when I say I wasn’t. I don’t want people to think I got what I deserved when I’m dead. I was failed in so many ways. In the 3 weeks of me being rescued I was placed in a bad home, treated in not so kind ways, beaten with a wheelchair, dragged out of a home with three catch poles, thrown into a truck and then into a cage and I know this could be the last place I know in life .  Please remember me as a sweet boy who was happy and loved by those who truly care about dogs like me. They knew me better than anyone. Those people are fighting for me but they need your help . I want another chance to be a good boy and be loved . Please sign this petition to help me live and get the help I need My Rescue is failing me I need the Village to protect me