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This is a petition for the MHS Adimistration to reverse their decision on not allowing Kyle Kenyon's memory in the 2013 MHS yearbook, because every student deserves to be remembered for who they were.  Their voice needs to be heard.


Letter to
MHS Administration
By now most of you have watched the News or have Facebook and have seen or read that there is a problem at the High School. We as a group, in support of our students, would like to explain our position on these issues, clarify events that have brought it to this and try to implement this as a learning tool to be used in prevention of teen suicide for future students.
The Class of 2013 students requested, and has been denied, there be a Remembrance/Memorial page in their yearbook for Kyle Kenyon, the student who passed away earlier this year, as a reminder in years to come, of whom Kyle was and what he meant to these students. These memories are a very important part of these students’ lives. Kyle’s death hit this community and the school hard but especially hard with the students of the Class of 2013. Kyle has grown up with most of the senior class and throughout the years developed friendships with many of his classmates, their parents, residents of the community and faculty members. Kyle had been a part of this school district since the late 90’s and should be a part of this yearbook and should remain in everyone’s memories, not by the means of his death, but by remembering who he was and what a huge part he played in everyone’s lives. Kyle is loved and missed by many and we all agree that this decision is not only disrespectful but heartless. It has been a very difficult ten months for these students and his family. Grieving the loss of a loved one requires a process, which for most, is unthinkable, especially when it’s one of our children. Now everyone has to relive this loss all over again.
When the students were told no, they got together and signed a petition in protest, still their request went unheard and were faced with unfavorable consequences if they continued. The reasons the administrators gave were, “It would ruin the school’s reputation”, “Experts say, this is not a good idea”( keep in mind the research the school is using is dated as far back as 1988, we can all agree, times have changed), “It breaks tradition”, and “It sensationalizes Teen suicide”. The objective here is, in no way, to give other teens the idea to go out and do this. It’s to recognize and remember Kyle and what he meant to everyone. It was quickly all over Facebook that a huge injustice had been done to these students; it quickly spread to the media and now the school is in crisis mode. Mary, Superintendant and Dan, MHS Principal, have both requested more time, “to get the students back to being students, so we can work through this.” There is no time. These students are frustrated and upset that their very freedoms are being compromised. The school will remain in crisis mode until a decision, that includes the voices of these students, needs to be made; there are deadlines to meet for the yearbook, but also and most importantly, to calm down the tension throughout the school. Students are in fear for their safety and we pray this doesn’t become a tragedy where someone gets hurt. They have made it clear that neither of these issues will be reviewed by the School Board. We asked for it to go up for a vote and Mary stated, “It will not be brought up for a vote, we are just not going to do that!” The fact that there is NO policy in the Student Handbook, School District Policy, or Yearbook Policy, on this topic, the decision of the Superintendant, Principal and Ms. Rossbach should be reviewed by the board and the decision reversed so a policy can be put in place regarding these topics, so this never becomes an issue again.

Please sign our petition and show support. Thank you in advance for your support in this issue

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