No Vaccine, No Exam ( IIT-JEE,NEET,... )

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Examination during Covid-19 Pandemic. A call for Disaster.

NEET / IIT-JEE  exams are some of the biggest and most aspired examinations in India. A huge number of approximately 16 Lac Students of age 17-19 years are expected to be taking these exams this year. Students will have to travel across cities and states to write this exam. With them, will be at-least one accompanying guardian taking them safely to the exam centers. Data states that, we will see a gathering of around 33-34 lac people including the candidates for this exam.

When on one hand our govt feels that having functional schools and colleges with max strength 5-10K is not feasible then having an exam for such a huge number of students is definitely a fools play. We are witnessing a sharp increase of Covid-19 cases with eased lockdown and heavily compromised medical facilities in govt as well as pvt hospitals. Having the facts laid out clearly, how can our government permit such a blunder? 

Is it worth risking your child's life?

These are young children who are the future of our nation. The backbone of the progressive India. We have to keep them safe.

I need your support to raise this issue in front of the government and ask them to postpone these exams until we find any vaccine/medicine.

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