Chief Proctor hatao... BHU Bachao !!!

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We, the students of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) are under the DICTATORSHIP of university chief proctor (Royana Singh), and are feeling unsafe in the university premises. She has misused her authority and by hook or crook is harassing the university students. She is confident as many powers including university Vice chancellor are supporting her.
We are protesting alone against her sins for 13 days. No one is concerned about this fire burnt issue.

Media proof of recent violence by chief proctor
We want her RESIGNATION as she is unable to maintain university's dignity and she herself has participated in many crimes including selling of sandal woods, trafficking of our national bird and many more.
The students of university are threatened under her rule.

Personal story
Recently, the nursing students were on silent protest to raise their demands for affiliation to BHU. A girl SC student,named Manju kumari was brutally beaten by chief proctor herself which lead to damage in her eardrum. Doctor said that she would not be able to hear for 10 year by her one ear.
She has lodged FIR but no action has been taken yet. It seems that university is under HITLER's rule.

violence by chief proctor on silently protesting nursing students

part 2