Removal of "Sabzi Bazaar" from front of the houses.

Removal of "Sabzi Bazaar" from front of the houses.

5 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Surabhi Bakshi


Area covered (approx 1 Km)-  From Railway Station road till Luniyapura Janpad Panchayat.

More than 30 families, around 120 people suffer every Saturday due to "Sabji Mandi" called as "Shanivaar Haat" organized by hundreds of vegetable vendors illegally in front of the houses from morning 8:00 AM till 9:00 PM due to which we people face below issues:

  1. Continuous playing of automatic loud speaker.
  2. Throwing of rotten vegetables in front of the house.
  3. Using fowl languages while fighting with each other.
  4. Spitting, urinating nearby.
  5. No place to take out own vehicle in emergency cases.
  6. Parking of vehicles near the gate of house owners.

There are many children and  old-age people  staying who suffers from incomplete sleep, migraine, hygiene issues. We cannot take out our own vehicle if there is an emergency, a traffic jam occurs.

We all people of the residential area have tried complaining to cantonment board of Mhow, but they say there's no place anywhere to shift them but to disturb the residences. 

Mhow has vast open area where it can be shifted(case study says). We want Sabji Mandi to be shifted to such kind of place so that people can live their life peacefully out of the ruckus. We want change in our area which is a form of human rights as well. If a change is for a good purpose,it is always a pleasure to make it happen.

"WE WANT TO IMPROVE OUR AREA WITH NATURAL FLORA & FAUNA" but not by bad odour and sonorous things"

Request all to sign this petition and let it reach out to correct people of board who can take actions. 

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Signatures: 278Next Goal: 500
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