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I Take The Pledge to Boycott #MGMResorts Until The Mirage's "Secret Dolphin Death Garden and Habitat" is Closed in Las Vegas!

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Despite the outcry of dolphin conservationists and dolphin experts worldwide the MGM Resorts, owners of The Mirage featuring "Seigfried and Roy's Secret Dolphin Garden and Habitat"continue to house, and display bottlenose dolphins in what is known as the, "Dolphin Death Pool". According to Ceta-Base a data base for captive dolphins 13 dolphins have died since 1990 a pathetic track record for this mega corporate giant that owns luxurious resorts worldwide. Unlike their guests the dolphins are displayed in small shallow pools, with no escape from the blazing desert sun, winter snow, and poor air quality caused by pollution. In addition, it has now been reported the dolphins are riddled with pox marks. Each day the dolphins must work for a living. They are expected to perform, swimming with guests, painting for guests, and hosting yoga practioners, all unnatural behaviors for these highly intelligent ocean dwellers trapped in this desert hell.

Because of the MGM Resorts unwillingness to close the "dolphin death pool" at the Mirage dolphin advocates are calling for travelers, and people worldwide to take the pledge by signing this petition to Boycott all MGM Resorts in Las Vegas and Internationally. You will find a list of all the MGM Resorts Internationally and in the U.S.A. Here. Let us show MGM Resorts just how many people will choose a different resort for their vacation choice until MGM gives restitution and release to a sea pen or other retirement facility to the dolphin victims that continue to suffer physically, and mentally, as they are exploited and abused at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

MGM Resorts close the Dolphin Death Garden and Habitat and The Boycott of #MGMResorts Will End today!

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