Bring back Bratz (the animated series)

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As a fan of Bratz , this series is in my childhood and I really love the animation and the storyline of the whole two seasons. I'm 16 years old right now and I still love them; I still watch the old episodes again and again and sometimes I feel sad knowing that there's no more sequel to the 2nd season. The series inspired me to achieve my dream even at a young age especially that the theme is fashion which makes it appealing to girls at any age. Every member of Bratz and other characters on the series play and important role because you can also meet someone like them in real life. We didn't even witnessed the Bratz's parents. Bratz's storyline is a reality because it deals with many personal aspects of a girl as she grows. I know that most people will ignore this because its "old" and "childish" or even "stupid" but look at Mr. Bean (animated series) , there's a whole new season after 10 or 11 years. We never know that MGA Entertainment might change their mind  and continue the series. I'm sure many fans would love to watch the whole new adventures of the girls, they might meet new friends and face new challenges . I really hope that there would be another season. I want the younger generation to experience what I experienced from my childhood. Please sign the petition and spread the word! Thank you :)