Lord Austin’s Office to remain in Longbridge

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Pride of Longbridge is sharing the need for Lord Austin’s Office to stay in Longbridge Birmingham where it belongs for locals and visitors to enjoy and keep our vital heritage alive. We are asking MG UK to allow POL to look after / manage the office on their behalf and for it NOT to be moved anywhere else. Lord Austin’s Office is a credit to our local heritage moving it does not make sense especially when MG UK are aware of the great heritage events POL does through out the year ( before COVID). Lord Austin’s Office needs to stay in Longbridge for all to enjoy. 

There is no need for LAO to be moved due to the local community and businesses wanting to work together to ensure it stays in the community where it was created. 
This is our heritage moving it out would restrict its accessibility to local people, Schools and visitors.
Longbridge is the place for it to stay especially when it is possible to happen.
This will be enjoyed by locals and people from all over. 

Lord Austin’s Work from Longbridge this is where he chose his empire to be it would be pointless to move this to Gaydon and wrong for our local heritage. 

Gemma Cartwright MBE