#FreeTheGuac: Stop Charging Extra For Guacamole

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At QDOBA, we've learned two important things: people love adding guac to their meals, and people hate paying extra for it. 

Adding guac to your meal should be free for everyone, everywhere. It’s that simple. Why should a customer be penalized for making a meal more flavorful?  It may make dollars for our competitors, but it makes no sense to us. We're proud to announce that our guac is free. 

But we don't think it should stop there. Because we won't be satisfied until extra guacamole is free of charge for people everywhere. So today, we're calling on all of our Mexican eats competitors - you know who you are - to come together, just this once, around a common goal: to make guacamole free of charge, not just for one day, but everyday. Because if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that paying extra for guac is the pits.

Join us, and sign our petition to free the guac for all! Share it far and wide on social media and ensure that flavor lovers everywhere #FreeTheGuac.