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Remove Disparaging Breast Enlargement and Cosmetic Surgery Ads from NYC MTA!!

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We, the undersigned, call for the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority to remove all Doctors Plastic Surgery ads for breast enlargement & cosmetic surgery.

We understand that it is MTA policy to not approve & post ads that are disparaging to a person or group of people. These advertisements are not only highly offensive & oppressive to women, but also reflect poorly upon the MTA and NYC's value of women's bodies & women's rights.

Specifically, the ad with the woman holding tangerines over her breasts & frowning, pictured again smiling while holding grapefruits is abhorrent. This type of imagery directly disparages women with small breasts, implying that they cannot (or should not) be happy with their bodies. This ad as well as the "Year of the Booty" ad are just awful.

How must this message translate to young girls about their natural beauty & self-worth? To young boys about what is beautiful? How might this advertising affect survivors of breast cancer?? How you can have ads for breast cancer walks and cosmetic breast enlargement at the same time is completely insensitive and extremely inappropriate.

Please get rid of these & any other ads that objectify and disparage women's bodies.

Thank you for your careful consideration & prompt removal of advertising that promotes this negative view of women's bodies.

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