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Save the J5 bus line - Reinstate bus service

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The METRO average weekday riders performance benchmark used in the pass/fail analysis to eliminate bus service was calculated incorrectly. The J5 runs approximately 6 hours a day compared to other lines like the C8 which run approximately 12 hours each day. Based on the WMATA Guideline of 432 average weekday riders used in the pass/fail performance analysis the J5 benchmark should have been prorated to 216 average weekday riders. As the J5 has an average weekday ridership of 284 riders it clearly passes the performance benchmark.

The J5 bus line is vital to current riders to get to and from work each day. There are no alternative METRO bus lines that serve the same route. Eliminating the J5 bus line will cause most commuter daily commute times to increase by 50 to 100% or more as they will have to take the red line train through the city or take at least two buses to travel from home to work each day. Not only will the trip times increase drastically the daily commute cost will quadruple for many current J5 riders. 

We are asking METRO to immediately implement one of the following alternatives:

1. Reinstate the current J5 service 

2. Reduce the hours the J5 operates and keep the bus service

3. Modify the J5 route to travel express down Wisconsin Avenue to the Bethesda Metro station. Travel express from the Bethesda Metro station to the Silver Spring Transit Center to relieve crowding on the J2 & J3 bus lines

4. Consider using on of the Minibuses in Metro's fleet to reduce operating costs



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