Save Little Oz Community Park

As part of the process related to the Pacific Spirit Regional Park Service Yard Replacement Project, staff from the West Area Office have shortlisted three locations for the new works yard. The Little Australia community park is one of the three shortlisted locations! If our park is selected, it would mean not only the total destruction of the only community gathering place we have in our neighbourhood, but significant noise and traffic disruptions, as well as the loss of an important and rare recreational facility enjoyed by a broader segment of the public that extends far beyond the neighbourhood of Little Australia. It is crucial that your voice be heard in this decision process! This is true for both residents of the neighborhood as well as visitors from other neighborhoods who enjoy the park. It is very important to let Metro Vancouver West Area Office staff know how devastating the destruction of Little Australia’s community park would be to the community. Little Oz Community Park should be removed from the list of suitable sites for the new Service Yard!

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