Save Wildlife Habitat in Surrey, BC

Save Wildlife Habitat in Surrey, BC

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Little Campbell River Watershed Society started this petition to Sav Dhaliwal (Director)

                              SAVE IMPORTANT WILDLIFE HABITAT

The City of Surrey is trying to fast track the redesignation of 600 acres in South Surrey from 'rural' to 'employment' (read: industrial). These lands include the Little Campbell/Tatalu River (home to five species of salmon) and surrounding sensitive habitat that supports a myriad of highly threatened species and special wildlife. The Little Campbell flows through Semiamhoo First Nations lands and into Semiamhoo/Boundary Bay, an internationally designated Important Bird Area.

***UPDATE February 2022*** - WE NEED YOUR HELP

After being referred back to Metro Vancouver Planning staff less than one month ago, the South Campbell Heights amendment will return to the MVRD Board for fourth and final reading this Friday, February 25th.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Email Metro Vancouver Board Members and tell them that three weeks is NOT ENOUGH TIME for comprehensive consultation with Semiahmoo First Nation to have taken place or for the myriad of environmental concerns to have been addressed.

Metro Board contact directory here: or use this link to send an email. (The direct link only works with Outlook and Mail apps, for those who have this feature enabled.)

See our 'Sample Opposition Letter' update for a template.


It is CRITICAL that we let the MVRD Board, Mayor Doug McCallum and Surrey City Council know that we care about the conservation and health of the Little Campbell River, Semiahmoo Bay, and Surrey's Hazelmere area.

Please sign this petition to show that you DO NOT SUPPORT:

1. The change in land designation away from Rural

2. The extension of Metro Vancouver's Urban Containment Boundary south of 20th Ave (which the whole concept depends upon)

3. The erosion of protection of important conservation areas and forests 

4. The rationale that there is 'urgent' need for employment lands that are commercial/industrial (Campbell Heights to the north is 2000 acres of such designation, and large enough. Furthermore, there are other areas in Surrey that aren't on a Class A river and are not as environmentally important). There are also multiple employment options available within the existing rural Ag A-1 zoning (agriculture, education, conservation, therapeutic, just to name a few).  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!