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Help Mr. Small Keep His Job As A Cane Ridge Teacher

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Why Mr. Steven Small is An Excellent Teacher and An Even Better Human Being and Should Stay At Cane Ridge High School 
To whom it may concern:

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and petition. My name is Kathleen Madu. I am a student at Cane Ridge High School, and I love and respect my school, my teachers, and the rest of the staff immensely. That is why when it came to my attention that one of our most diligent and kind teachers, Mr. Small, had his character questioned, I was deeply troubled. Mr. Small is one of the teachers that brings a smile to my face whenever I see him in school. He always greets me in the hallways, is kind to other students and teachers, and is a strong advocate to challenge how we students think of ourselves and society. He does this because he wants us to learn and grow. That is why when I noticed him missing from school and was told that he was not here because he discussed the origin of the n-word in the context of a district approved text I was very sad and disheartened.  

I, myself, am an African American student, and I wish that incidents where teachers are being falsely accused like Mr. Small in this case would stop. We have so many good teachers losing their jobs or having their characters being questioned because they are willing to be honest with us and help us think about the real world and not just the protective bubble we live in at school. The n-word has a painful and tragic history behind it, but I am a firm believer in the fact that if history isn’t discussed, it will repeat itself, and the pain and suffering will continue. That’s why it is my deepest wish that teachers like Mr. Small will stop being persecuted for trying to prepare us for the real world by gifting us with the ability to think critically. There are other teachers out there who aren’t doing their job appropriately and are not giving their all for their students, but Mr. Small is not one of them. And if my school loses him, then we are being deprived of a great asset, and an even greater human being that improves our lives every day, and makes us better thinkers, and better prepared for the realities of the real world. 

The n-word will always be there. It will always be painful and sad. However, shielding students from the truth of the world and pretending that such tragedies never happened is not the answer. The past can never be erased, and it should never be forgotten, but it can be learned from and the future can be improved from it. And that’s all that Mr. Small is trying to teach us, and what he was trying to teach his students that day. That’s why I implore that you please don’t make one of our most cherished teachers lose their job for the simple act of daring to educate his students on how to tackle and understand life. Under this letter I wrote are the signatures and messages from all the students, past students, and other people who love, appreciate him, and want to see him continue to brighten our lives by working at this school. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 

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