Stop Stephanie Alley from Potentially spreading the Coronavirus (CoVid 19 Virus)

Stop Stephanie Alley from Potentially spreading the Coronavirus (CoVid 19 Virus)

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To Whom it May Concern:
In light of the current national crisis, and the recently-implemented Executive Order in TN, it is imperative that a known violator be reported, located and stopped immediately, for the health and safety of ALL! Stephanie Alley, (aka Stephanie Ann, Stephanie A. Alley, Stephanie Yarbrough) who currently resides at the Hermitage Inn Hotel, 4144 Lebanon Pike, Room 101, in Hermitage, TN, is not only a notorious scam artist, but now also a public health threat and nuisance. Stephanie, along with her accomplice/alleged boyfriend, Klajdi Lemollari, have been consistently pan-handling and aggressively approaching people in the Nashville area for well over ten years! Stephanie boldly approaches random people in grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and retail businesses, as well as on the street, with the same story/scenario, claiming to be fleeing from an abusive relationship, and needs money for a hotel room for her and her kids, but the truth is, her kids are all grown adults! She typically asks for upwards of $26 to “pay for the hotel until the domestic-abuse shelter has a room available.” Stephanie convinces unknowing and good-hearted people that she and her children are in grave danger of abuse, knowing that her victims will feel bad for her and give her money. Stephanie’s own family has confirmed that she does NOT have her children, which are grown now. More recently, she has been heard claiming to be a victim of the Nashville area tornado devastation, with her children supposedly waiting for her return. Finally, her latest claim is that she is a restaurant server, with children, and out-of-work due to the COVID-19 layoffs/restaurant closings. Stephanie claims to work at various area restaurants, although all of the restaurants, when called, have verified that she is NOT an employee and never has been. Obviously, with the threat of the virus spread, Stephanie is potentially spreading germs like wildfire!
Stephanie is a very convincing and persuasive scammer. Unfortunately, while executing her scam, she injects herself within inches of her would-be victims face, in an attempt to get their full attention. She will go from person to person, without hesitation or pause. The number of people she comes into contact with, on a daily basis, is innumerous. Witness accounts and photographs clearly depict Stephanie within inches of unsuspecting people. Clearly, this is of great concern, in light of the goal to flatten the COVID-19 curve! More recently, witnesses have reported that Stephanie appears to look ill, which makes the situation urgent and potentially catastrophic! As the Metro area undergoes an Executive Order, Stephanie is blatantly ignoring the order and injecting herself throughout the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas, potentially spreading the virus from person to person, and then back to the hotel where she resides.
Her “partner in crime”, and alleged boyfriend, Klajdi Lemollari is actively driving on a revoked drivers license, and was recently arrested in Williamson County on such charges. Yet Klajdi has been seen daily, driving Stephanie, and waiting in the background, as Stephanie goes from place to place, conning people and continually placing herself in close proximity of others. Once she has exhausted an area/location, she then gets into the car with Klajdi and he drives her to the next area, only to repeat the same con...again and again, from place to place, in the face of so many innocent people. This is a daily routine for them both, and the Executive Order has not slowed their scam or caused any changes in their daily habit; they continue to carry on with NON-essential, public menacing, making contact with others at a dangerously fast rate.

These two scammers are so notorious that there now exists a Facebook Group, dedicated to informing the general public about them and their scam/stories, as well as to keep a continually updated report of Stephanie's whereabouts/location. The group has been successfully educating the general public on the “Stephanie Scam” and has saved hundreds of people from handing over their hard-earned money to this notorious scammer; however, the stakes are obviously much higher, now that people’s health is at risk. We need your help!

We encourage you to join the group and research the testimonies (including daily eye-witness accounts and video recordings) of those who encounter Stephanie. Please join the page for full access: "The official guide to locating Nashville Aggressive Scammers"; all authorities are encouraged to join.
The Official Guide to Locating Nashville’s Aggressive Scammers
As a point of reference, Stephanie has been reported to be seen approaching people in the counties of Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, and Sumner. By eye-witness accounts, in the past two weeks, Stephanie has been seen approaching people at the following locations:
Inglewood, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Franklin, Brentwood, Bellevue, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, LaVergne, and Hermitage.
Some of the businesses Stephanie typically enters and approaches customers:

  • ◆Walmart
  • ◆Publix
  • ◆Kroger
  • ◆Tractor Supply
  • ◆Walgreens
  • ◆Bi-Rite
  • ◆Whole Foods
  • ◆Trader Joes
  • ◆Home Depot
  • ◆Lowes  
  • ◆ Costco

(to name a few), along with an extensive list of restaurants at each location. The vehicle involved is a Gray 2010 Honda Civic with a black (replaced) front fender, bumper, and hood, and black steel rims (no hubcaps), Tag number 8E3-3H6
Additionally, many witnesses have also reported that the “guests” at the Hermitage Inn, where Stephanie and Klajdi currently reside, do NOT practice social distancing whatsoever. This is also a grave concern and a threat to the general public. We encourage you to contact the hotel to verify her residency there.
Please seek out this person/couple and take the necessary steps to stop them from potentially spreading the COVID-19 virus, for the health and safety of TN residents! Your involvement is urgently and desperately needed!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!