Terminate Your Relationship with New York Blood Center

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Terminate Your Relationship with New York Blood Center

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For years, the New York Blood Center (NYBC) used chimpanzees in medical research, infecting them with various strains of hepatitis, river blindness and other viruses. When they were no longer needed, NYBC placed the remaining 66 chimps on man-made islands and publicly stated that it would remain responsible for them and provide for their lifetime care.

NYBC has now completely abandoned these chimps. In March of 2015, NYBC terminated all funding for the chimps, leaving them to perish without the necessary delivery of food and water to their islands off Liberia.  NYBC has made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from patents developed out of the chimpanzee testing. They show their gratitude by leaving the chimpanzees to starve to death.

Since profits speak, we can send a loud message of discontent to NYBC by petitioning one of its largest charitable donors to rescind funding -- MetLife is a global billion dollar company that provides NYBC with significant charitable funding. Let’s call on MetLife to stand with the chimpanzees and stop all future donations until NYBC resumes funding the care of these chimpanzees.

NYBC's actions have garnered worldwide condemnation. Dr. Jane Goodall has issued an open letter to NYBC's CEO, Dr. Christopher Hillyer, saying "I find it completely shocking and unacceptable that NYBC would abandon these chimpanzees and discontinue support for even their basic needs."

A coalition of organizations has been formed to provide emergency relief to the chimpanzees. The Jane Goodall Institute, Humane Society, Arcus Foundation, and other organizations have formed a coalition to raise funds for emergency relief. Animal welfare groups are now forced to divert badly needed resources to care for the colony of research chimps left behind by NYBC.  

MetlIfe's Code of Conduct states "MetLife has built a reputation as a company that believes in fair dealing, integrity and trustworthiness." NYBC does not adhere to MetLife's core corporate values and should not be a recipient of MetLife's charitable giving. NYBC's conduct is unethical and demonstrates an egregious lack of corporate social responsibility. We request that MetLife honor its code of conduct and immediately suspend all donations to NYBC until it resumes funding for the chimpanzees.

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