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MetLife: I'm an ex Police Officer with PTSD – stop ignoring police officers’ pleas for help!

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I broke after being exposed to murders, suicides, brawls, sieges, domestic violence assaults and fatal accidents. The NSW Police Force recognised me as ‘Hurt on Duty’ and I was medically discharged with PTSD. But 2 years on, police insurer MetLife still won’t pay my claim!

It's just wrong. There have been about 300 of us who dedicated our lives to protect the community but now suffer PTSD and other work related injuries. And instead of help, we're forced to battle the police insurer MetLife for any support – despite us paying insurance premiums for years.  

Worse –  There have been cases where MetLife have caught people smiling, then have used the pictures to try and deny they have any post-traumatic stress disorder at all.

I've officially been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety and OCD. I experience many physical symptoms like elevated heart rate, difficulty breathing, flashbacks, fear, paranoia and insomnia sometimes lasting days on end. All while I battle daily to get out of bed due to the severe depression and struggle with the crippling obsessive compulsive disorder. I’ve been close to suicide. With the help of family, friends and counselling I am trying to move on with my life - but I can’t until MetLife approve my claim.

ABC News and Illawarra Mercury have been reporting on MetLife's cruel tactics already, but my case and that of others are still being dragged out. I really really need your help.

I’ve been sent to see seven psychiatrists – all of them agree I have PTSD. I have had two functional assessments and there is no end in sight. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. My life’s been destroyed and my family is falling apart.       

Please help tell MetLife to approve my claim – and stop the surveillance for my sake, my family’s sake and for the hundreds of other police officers who are suffering.


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